Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Red Coleslaw with Misomite Dressing

When Urban Hippie gave me one each of their products to try out at the Auckland Foodshow I wonder if they realised what a flurry of culinary creativity would be unleashed !

It's been a lot of fun playing with unfamiliar Japanese flavours. I did find the misomite dressing a bit of a challenge at first . It's made from rice bran oil, misomite and rice vinegar.

I didn't think it tasted good on a green salad at all ( but some may disagree, it's all a matter of taste). But I really like it on this coleslaw where the sweet, salty savoury taste of the dressing really works well with the red cabbage and apples.

There are no exact quantities for this recipe.I tasted it as I went until I felt that the balance was right ( as you do!)

It was just a matter of finely slicing red cabbage, peeling and slicing some crisp sweet NZ rose eating apples ( sour apples like Granny Smiths would not , I think , work so well here) then tossing these through the Misomite Dressing and finally adding a squeeze of orange juice and some chopped mint leaves. I think some toasted sesame seeds or grated fresh ginger would have been good too, or perhaps some wasabi pqaste to sharpen it.

There was no need to add any salt or pepper. It's good just as it is.

For an even simpler idea for a snack, peel and slice some sweet eating apples and toast some sesame seeds.
Dip the apple slices in the misomite dressing and then in the sesame seeds and nibble away.

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