Friday, 14 December 2012

A Luscious Strawberry Dessert

Strawberries with a Telegraph Hill Cabernet Drizzle

Keeping it simple ( as long as it's delicious) is my aim for the festive season. So when Geoff Crawford from Telegraph Hill gave me this easy recipe ( his favourite summer dessert  which he serves with  icecream) I just had to try it and have been serving it ever since. to  very appreciative friends and relations.

All you do is dehull the strawberries . Pour over some Telegraph Hill Cabernet Drizzle , stir and allow  the strawberries to sit in this marinade for about 10 minutes ( or longer) before serving with icecream.

Strawberries seem to be growing larger each year so I slice them into smaller pieces. This also allows the marinade to penetrate the strawberry flesh and flavour it.

Telegraph Hill Cabernet drizzle is made from Hawkes Bay Cabernet wine which has been slowly reduced with sugar, giving it an intense flavour with characters of berries and mulled wine and a sweet finish.

Apparently you can use it with almost anything like cakes, meat (especially venison), vegetables and cheese. "Let your imagination run wild !: it says on the bottle. But every cook needs one secret dessert recipe that can be concocted in no time at all. This is the one for me, I'll be using the rest of the bottle to marinate strawberries until their all too brief season is over.

I took the above photograph in the early evening in our back yard when the light was just right for photography. To give a rustic look I balanced a  wooden tray on its edge for the background. I was briefly distracted by our new labrador puppy playfully running over my foot  and the tray came crashing down on the strawberry filled glasses.The berries and juice went everywhere but I hope I had managed to capture their delicousness.  Oh well, there's more cabernet drizzle left in the bottle! Luckily I'd put the top back on.

To find out more about Telegraph Hill and for  some other recipes go to: 

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