Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Baking for a Tenth Birthday Party

Today Becky turned 10 and completed her baking challenge which was to make all the food for her party. She read through some of my cookbooks and chose the recipes, helped with the shopping and did all the baking (with just a little bit of help) .
Becky is a chocolate fanatic with a sweet tooth so apart from the tomato, bacon and cheese pastry scrolls she made chocolate, walnut and apricot clusters, baby meringues with strawberries and cream, marbled chocolate muffins, lollies, chips,and a huge chocolate mudcake. And a couple of old favourites: cheese and pineapple hedgehogs and cheerios with tomato sauce.
Ten, not too old for licking the bowl, and not too young to dress up in the purple ball dress which had been hanging in the wardrobe for years waiting to make a re-appearance on this special occasion



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