Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Making Lollipops: A School Holiday Workshop

I took my granddaughter to the Old Lolly Shop in Takapuna this morning. Stephen,  who has been making sweets for over 30 years, gave a whole bunch of kids a demonstration on how to make lollipops from scratch.They were enthralled as he melted the sugar, let it cool a little , pulled it, dyed it and twisted it to create the stripy effect. Then he cut each child a length , let then coil their own lollipop, and push the stick in while it was still soft enough.

The workshop only cost $4.00 per child and it was such a great opportunity for her to see a master sweet maker first hand and then have a go at  making a lollipop herself.

She has now, not surprisingly, decided on a new career: To work in a lollyshop when she grows up.

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