Sunday, 14 October 2012

Diwali Festival Snacking

My brother and I joined the crowds at Diwali Festival again this year and spent a few happy hours eating Indian snacks and enjoying the dancing. We wanted to sample some we hadn't tried before and to not over indulge in too many deep fried snacks (of which there were many).

Some of the snacks we especially enjoyed were:

Idli ( little steamed rice cakes  served with two spicy sauces)

Kulfi Icecreams ( one mango flavoured, the other with paan ). This Indian ice-cream is like a creamy gelato . The paan flavoured one was unusual but especially good. Paan is the refreshing mix of spices which are chewed at the end of an Indian meal to refresh the mouth.

A plate ful of the little hollow deepfried snacks pictured below, whose name eludes me.

We washed these down with cups of spicy chai tea and a mango lassi.

It was tempting to have a spicy potato filled dosa ( large pancake) and some samosas served with a spicy sauce and crunchy topping but there is only so much one can eat in the space of one afternoon.

I loved Diwali again this year with its combination of a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, the dancing, the colourful costumes, and the delicious food !



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