Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Healthy Retro Lunch

I first got addicted to wholemeal bread, cottage cheese and alfalfa sprouts in the sixties ( as well as to flowing muslin dresses ) Those were the times. But none of the wholemeal breads I baked then were ever quite up to the standard of Purebread Full O' Grain which you can buy now. Although the bread I made from an old colonial cookbook with hops and potato water was, even if I say so, pretty darn good!    So here's to memories of good times past, and a retro lunch which is healthy and good. To make it simply pile lots of cottage cheese ( yes, go on be generous there's not many calories in it) onto slices of Purebread Full O'Grain bread. Sprinkle liberally with sprouts , any kind will do, and if you have them growing in the garden as we do, add a bowl of freshly picked cherry tomatoes alongside. Enjoy!                    

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