Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mango Mousse

At our local Indian supermarket I discovered some cans of mango pulp. We were having a pot luck Indian dinner with friends that week so I created this Mango Mousse, now one of our very favourite desserts.

Mango Mousse
1  850 gm Kesar sweetened  mango Pulp ( which I bought from the Indian supermarket behind Valentine’s)
2 tablespoons of gelatine
¼ cup of water
2 tablespoons of my  home made  limoncello ( in which several vanilla pods had been soaking for a few weeks)
( or 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla essence or 2 tablespoons of rum)
1 cup of thick greek yoghurt
¾ cup of cream

Sprinkle gelatine over ¼ cup of cold water. Leave for about 1 minute until it thickens.
Then heat in microwave for about 30 seconds. Check after 30 seconds. If gelatine has not completely dissolved give it another 10 second burst.
Pour the mango pulp into the food processor bowl. Add the limoncello/ vanilla essence / rum.
Keep whizzing as you pour the gelatine mixture down the feed tube.
Now pour the mixture into a large bowl and stir the yoghurt in.
Whip the cream lightly and also stir this in gently.
Spoon the mousse into individual dessert glasses or one large dish.
Leave to set for several hours.
Will easily serve six.

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