Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Colour me Red: Rhubarb and Apple Compote

As we all know there is more to food than taste, appearance can make all the difference.

Yesterday I stewed some rhubarb and apples in a little pineapple juice with just enough sugar to take away the tartness. After letting it cool a little  I whizzed it in my blender to make a smooth compote. It tasted great but it was an unappetising brown colour. 

Could I fix it? I had an idea.

While still warm I added a teaspoonful of Fresh As freeze dried beetroot powder and it turned a fetching pink, then a little more and now it was a soft cerise red, just gorgeous.
It didn't spoil the flavour at all, If anything it enhanced it.   

Lovely with orange juice//pear juice as well.
When I  whizzed my compote in a nutri bullet it became super smooth. 
And when I roasted the rhubarb and apples with a little orange juice and brown sugar there was very little liquid and the resulting compote was thick enough to use as a coulis with some chocolate brownies, some vanilla icecream and a wild berry sorbet.So decorative!

apple  peeled and sliced/cubed
pineapple juice
a little brown sugar
stew till softened rhubarb and apple
put in nutibullet
unappetising brown colour
added some Fresh As freeze dried beetroot powder
A gorgeous pinish red colour

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