Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Simply Stewed Apples

Stewed apples and home made muesli is how we often start the day.Usually I use the microwave to heat rather than cook food but I have found it is an excellent way to stew apples. The quantities for this recipe are very flexible. I simply fill a large white ceramic bowl with peeled and sliced apples. Add a little sugar ( how much depends on how sweet the apples are, usually a tablespoon or two. A little cinnamon and/or lemon juice is good as well) Then I add a couple of tablespoon of cold water.  I cover the bowl with a plate and microwave the apples for about 7-10 minutes until they have softened.Then I let them cool down before serving. Anyleftovers be stored in the fridge for a few days.

This was Day 4 of the thirty day photo challenge. The topic was frames, what to leave in or leave partially out.  I liked the idea of using a piece of rectangular fabric to make a frame within a frame.
The mood I wanted to create was one of simplicity for this homely breakfast food.

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