Friday, 1 August 2014

Gluten Free Raw Coconut Wraps

At IE Produce in Takapuna this morning I was lucky to catch Ross who had organised a tasting of a new product, a raw gluten free coconut wrap which he is importing from the Philippines. These are popular in America but have never before been seen here in New Zealand. Lovely filled with a mixture of chocolate and banana, or caramel.
But even better I think would be to fill them with a savoury mix of avocado, grated carrots and sprouts for lunch
Having indulged in  these sweet treats Ross then made me a healthy smoothie as well . I went home feeling very refreshed.!

Ross with the Pure gluten free raw coconut wraps.

A coconut wrap filled with caramel and sliced.

The ingredients for the healthy smoothie.
 Ross in  action creating a super healthy smoothie.

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