Friday, 14 June 2013

Ripe Recipes-A Fresh Batch cookbook review

When Angela Redfern took time out to have her first baby she also hatched "Ripe Recipes - A Fresh Batch.”
Customers had been begging for a sequel to the first Ripe recipe book from the popular Grey Lynn deli, known for its salads, take-away dinners and scrumptious cakes. Now they’ll be able to recreate more of their favourites at home.
It was a labour of love and a team effort.
“Making cookbooks really brings out the best in my staff. It keeps them motivated, innovative and creative in our quest to bring healthy, tasty food to the table.” said Angela.
The recipes are arranged to suit different occasions such as finger foods, lunches and soups, deli dinners, puddings, Mexican food and Friday Pie Day.
At Ripe they see food as the best medicine. Little “nutrition bites,” have been added to each page by local nutritionist Nellie Pigot.
I’ve been cooking up a storm from this recipe book much to my family’s delight. Some of our favourites so far:
Autumn Harvest Brown Rice: A combination of roasted root vegetables, walnuts, spinach and feta cheese, flavoured with orange and fennel. Its vibrant autumn colours looked stunning on a large platter.
Big Fat Eggplant and Chickpea salad dressed with pomegranate molasses, hazelnut and lemon juice.

Deli Dinners:

Bob's Lentil, Silverbeet and Mushroom pie: a lightly spiced vegetarian shepherd's pie with lentils, mushrooms, and silverbeet topped with mashed potato and kumara. This was real comfort food for a meatless Monday dinner.
Macaroni Cheese: A creative spin on an old favourite, laced with baby spinach and topped with a crispy crumbs. We’re looking forward to trying the adult version as well made with artichokes and blue cheese.
Cashew and Honey Crusted Pork Fillet: fillets of pork marinated, and then crumbed with a mixture of breadcrumbs, fresh coriander and cashew nuts. This was elegant and took some time but not difficult to put together. Perfect for when friends are coming to dinner.


The Fejoa and Ginger Layer Cake: Yes, it’s laden with sugar and calories but after so much healthy food a little decadence is surely allowed! This scrumptious cake was moist and packed full of feijoas, crushed pineapple and walnuts interlaced with a rich gingery cream cheese icing.
“Ripe Recipes- a fresh batch,” has already become one of my most used recipe books. Their recipes are great for the taste buds.

Ripe Recipes-a fresh batch by Angela Redfern
$60 including NZ postage.
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My review first appeared on The Breeze Auckland Radio station website

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