Saturday, 20 April 2013

Peanut Butter People


The school holidays have got off to a good start. Last night we went to the Pumphouse for a preview of Tim Bray's adaptation of A Dragon of an Ordinary Family by Margaret Mahy. Her magical story was transformed into a play which kept us in fits of laughter.
This morning Becky is being creative and making peanut butter people out of wholemeal toast, Ceres Organic Peanut butter (with no added salt) and a few raisins. So perfectly healthy!

She toasted the bread and used a large gingerbread man cutter to then cut them out.

Abby our lab has got her eyes on them, and is sittng down in anticipation of a treat  but unfortunately for her these are people not doggie treats.Now had she been a dragon she would probably have got away with it.
Off to Milford beach now to let her have a play before the forecasted heavy rain starts to pelt down.


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