Friday, 22 April 2016

Gluten Free Banana Poffertjes

Dutch children (of all ages) love poffertjes (tiny fluffy round pancakes) made in a special poffertjes pan and served dusted with icing sugar and a lump of butter alongside. Traditionally they were made with yeast and buckwheat flour but there are modern variations in which other flours and baking powder are used.

I recently had the opportunity to try some Gluten Free Pikelet, Waffle and Pancake mix from the Goodies Factory and was inspired to use this to make poffertjes. I followed the recipe for pikelets on the packet. To half the mixture I added a finely chopped (not mashed!) banana.

The poffertjes pan should be lightly greased with butter for each batch. A tablespoon of batter is ladled into each little hollow. When  lots of bubbles appear the poffertjes need to be flipped over and this is a little tricky. I used a small silicone spatula but have since read that a fork/a sate stick could also be used.

The poffertjes turned out light and fluffy and were really delicous!Dusted with icing sugar, and served with some mixed berries and yoghurt on the side they made a great brunch for both those who are gluten free and those who are not.

The recipe made heaps of poffertjes ( about 30 without bananas and another 30 with) but as they are so moorish they will vanish quickly.

Below is a picture of the electric poffertjes pan.  I found mine in an op shop in Whangaparoa. There were a couple more there so keep a look out, or they can be bought at one of the Dutch shops which are scattered throughout New Zealand.

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