Monday, 16 March 2015

The Baron's Gingernuts

When you have children and grandchildren with food allergies and intolerances as we do you start to be on the lookout for treats that they can have. I have a very limited repertoire of suitable recipes so I was really keen to try some new glutenfree, vegan and organic treats which my friend Gill brought over for us to try.

And this is how I came to find out about the mythical Baron Hasselselhoff ,alias Clayton McErlane, Chef, Father and Crown Lynn lover who conjures up treats that will appeal to  gluten free taste buds with ' a sense of grandeur, pastiche and whimsy ' in his wholesale bakery in Takaka, Golden Bay.

Now in my experience gluten free baking can taste too sweet, too dense or too chewy. His gingernuts de luxe did not suffer from any of these .The texture was slightly crumbly but light, nicely spiced with ginger and hint of cardamom. They were reminiscent of Indian sweets but not at all cloyingly sweet .

And they are a powerhouse of gluten free and organic ingredients including rice flour, hazelnut flour , tapioca flour, rice syrup,crystalized ginger and cardamom.

At $8.50 for a pack of four they are a little too pricey to tuck one into my granddaughters' lunch boxes.But I'd be more than happy to serve a gingernut de luxe to my gluten free daughter  for afternoon tea or an after dinner treat. Or tempt her with one of the other flavours , hazelnut and orange or Mexican chocolate Snickerdoodles

And I suspect that even my partner who is not gluten free would be won over by their gluten free ginger slice topped with pistachios. But we haven't had the chance to sample that yet!

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  1. We were thrilled to receive a pack of Baron Hasselhoff's cookies for a winning letter published in Organic NZ magazine. Although none of our family particularly needs gluten-free food, we have experimented a bit with gluten-free cooking at times, not always successfully. These cookies were delicious, with quite intense flavours from natural ingredients - especially the Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles with their hint of chilli. If you want a special gluten-free treat, these just might fit the bill. They can be bought on line. Yum!