Sunday, 5 January 2014

Roshehip and Hibiscus Tea with Sliced Plums


Some time ago Alesandra Zecchini posted an idea for a healthy drink on her blog.
As I remember it she kept chilled water in the fridge and dropped in slices of fruit to make a refreshing healthy drink (

This inspired me to create a chilled summery drink using a roshehip and hibiscus organic  infusion from Clipper (a British tea company which can be found at I bought a packet of twenty bags locally to try and loved the flavour, but also the fact that this is a company which makes organic and fair trade products.

I used two bags to make enough tea to almost fill a large glass bottle and dropped in some slices of ripe red plums. They were left in for a few hours so the flavours would mingle before serving the fruity infusion in small glasses.

Teaspoons were provided alongside so the plums could be eaten as well. Very refreshing!


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