Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lime and Elderflower Ice

We enjoyed this ice which is lightly sweetened and perfumed with Barker's NZ Lime and Elderflower fruit syrup for dessert last night as part of a special dinner. It was very light and refreshing after a substantial main course and looked very pretty, like snow.It was so easy to make as it has only two ingredients. I served it with marinated strawberries.
This would also make a perfect Christmas dessert after an indulgent Christmas dinner.


700ml Barker's Squeezed NZ Limes with Elderflower fruit syrup (dilute 100mls of syrup by adding 600mls of water)


Freeze the diluted fruit syrup in ice cube trays overnight. Turn the frozen blocks out of the trays, pulse in a food processor to crush and serve in glasses, topped with fresh mint. As an option, spoon some fresh berries on the side.

For this Barker's recipe you need some Barker's Squeezed New Zealand Limes with Elderflower Syrup from


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