Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Carrot Salad from Gok Cooks Chinese

I am in the process of testing some of the recipes before I write a review of " Gok Cooks Chinese." for my regular recipe feature on The Breeze website. I thought this vibrant orange coloured carrot salad which I photographed this morning says a lot about Gok's vivid personality and his desire to create dishes which don't cost much, take little effort and still taste great. Similar to his fashion guru style in which he make ordinary women look and feel gorgeous without high price tags.

According to Gok Chinese salads and garnishes tend to be sharp and simple and more often than not quite sour. This one lived up to its expectation. I didn't quite follow Gok's instructions as I peeled the carrot into long ribbons with a potato peeler rather than grating it. A little more feminine and decorative?

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