Monday, 28 December 2015

Pairing Chocolate Truffles with Chocolate Milk Stout.

I'm not an expert on matching beer and food. I just do it intuitively. If it works for us I'm happy.
In the late afternoon today, when the heat of the sun was finally lessening, I had a bit of fun in the kitchen making a late afternoon treat.

I created some truffles to use up the last of a very rich and rather dense chocolate and coconut cream mousse which had been flavoured with orange rind and a splash of drambuie liqeur.

I reduced a few  Dutch  filled almond cookies ( which were also a Christmas leftover) to crumbs in the food processor and added these, together with some dessicated coconut and raisins, into the mousse until it was a truffle consistency. (The cookies were shop bought, made by a local bakery, and available in the supermarket.)

I formed them mixture into balls and coated them by rolling them  in more coconut to make some rather decadent and moorish chocolate truffles.

I poured a bottle of Mike's Organic Chocolate Milk Stout into two small glasses to test the theory that if a beer is chocolate flavoured it will pair well with a chocolaty recipe. And we agreed that it worked really well. But I do think that the nutty almond and coconut flavours also contributed. And the ripe cherries were a great addition

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