Thursday, 19 February 2015

Curry Easy Vegetarian by Madhur Jaffrey reviewed

Madhur Jaffrey has long been one of my favourite cookbook authors. She was the one who taught our generation that we could easily cook authentic Indian recipes at home.

After winning a scholarship to a prestigious drama school in London she found she couldn’t stomach the stodgy English food dished out in the Varsity canteen. Homesick for fragrant curries she asked her Mother to send her some of the family recipes. These duly arrived handwritten in a series of aerogrammes.

It started her passion for Indian cooking which has never abated. At 83 years old, she is still a prolific cookbook author and a world authority on Indian cooking. So far she has written fifteen cook books starting with An Invitation to Indian Cookery, published in 1973.

On her frequent travels to India she continues to gather new recipes that families eat at home, in local cafes and temples, at parties they throw for each other, and at weddings and religious festivals.
Curry Easy Vegetarian is her latest book and it’s a real gem with more than 200 new and healthy recipes.

 Every recipe I have cooked so far: such as  her simple scrambled eggs, her vegetarian version of butter chicken,  Punjabi-style beetroot with ginger and a spicy peanut crumble have been easy to make and tasty.

This book would make a great present for any vegetarians in the family who enjoy Indian food.
Title: Curry Easy Vegetarian. Author: Madhur Jaffrey. Imprint: Ebury Press. RRP $65.00

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