Saturday, 9 February 2013

Inspired by a La Cigale Salad

My sister in law Alison brought a huge salad platter over for a barbecue last night and it was one of those salads that isn't just beautiful to look at but just as good to eat.It was inspired by a recipe from Elizabeth Lind's La Cigale cookbook. It was composed of:

halved cherry tomatoes
spring onions
baby spinach leaves
blanched broccoli florets
blanched green beans
mesclun salad leaves

all tossed together in a garlicky vinaigrette

and scattered with plenty of cooked orzo and toasted sliced almonds

She'd found it on the net so I googled it and here is the original at:

It is very flexible salad. No exact quantities are given and different vegetables are used each time according to what's available which will change with each season. It's suggested you think green , white and red for a splash of colour.

I loved the combination of fresh salad leaves and blanched vegetables with the orzo and sliced almonds.

Now that I have found one of the lovely recipes from this book on the net,  I'm looking forward to trying my own variation on it as well as reading the actual book to see what other culinary treasures lie within.



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