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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Mango and Ale Cook's Smoothie

A cocktail or a mini smoothie ?
Whatever you choose to call it this was rather delicious: sweet, sour and a little bitter.

My motto is waste not want not. I had a little ale left over when I was creating a recipe for a beery chili con carne (which is simmering on the stove as I write). I thought to myself: Isn't it a cook's privilege to have a little sip of something rather nice while stirring the pot? So I created this wee drink,

You could of course make your own sorbet, but it works perfectly well with a good shop bought locally made one, so why bother?

To make it I mixed equal quantities of mango sorbet and pale ale   I used OMPA Mike's One More Pale Ale) about 1/4 cup of each.
I whizzed this mixture briefly in a blender.
And poured it into a small glass.
I added a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice and a sprig of mint.
And sipped slowly .

Should you decide to try it do balance this to your own taste.If you want more bitterness and less sweetness add less sorbet. If you want a sharper taste, more lime.

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